Healing and medicinal properties of Nettle

The English herbalist John Gerard describes that it served as the effective antidote against all kinds of blood poisoning.

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Healing and medicinal properties of Nettle
Healing and medicinal properties of Nettle

(myCommunity.com) Healing and medicinal properties of Nettle. The Nettle. Name in English: Nettle. Scientific name: Urtica. Tall, perennial, plant 50 to 150 centimeters under the best conditions, it provided a solid central axis of long interlaced fibers. It has large leaves of dark green colors, jagged, with tiny hairs translucent as sharp and sharp. Its female flowers are greenish yellow, in clusters.

The Roman troops They added the stems to the stews for their nutritional virtues and they put themselves in the body to enter in heat during his campaigns in the Nordic countries. When they returned to their homes, they were used in the kidneys making a friction in the lower abdomen to increase their virility and better satisfy their wives.

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The English herbalist John gerard describes that it served as the effective antidote against all types of poisoning of the blood. The nettle has a magical aura and was used before the battle to bless the swords and kill the demons personified by the enemy, and also to sharpen the sickles and attract abundant crops.

The Nettle is composed of: formic and gallic acid, chlorophyll, flavonoids, vitamins A, B, C, calcium, iron, potassium, silicon, sulfur, boron, fibers, proteins and mucilage, acetylcholine, histamine and serotonin. In addition, its antioxidant content (ORAC index) is higher than that of red pepper. In summary, it is a wild plant of the most complete and nutritious.

Common names of Nettle: pringamosa, guaritoto, picasarna, chordica, pyno and chichicaste.

Properties for the health of the Nettle

miComunidad.com - Healing and medicinal properties of Nettle

Respiratory system

Help in problems such as allergies and rhinitis. With its high mineral content and thanks to its reasonable combination of pro-neurotransmitters it can modulate a hyper reactive immunity.


With its beautiful synergy of chlorophyll, iron and vitamin C, nettle, especially freshly cut, can help increase hemoglobin and serum iron.


Often associated with low blood pressure and anemia, inadequate blood flow often induces fatigue. Nettle also activates peripheral circulation, including the brain.

Skin problems

Eczema and psoriasis can be treated with nettle. It helps in the purification of the blood, which helps to clean the lymph by reducing the acidity, while regulating the inflammatory factors. With safe allies, such as oats of flowers and red clover, for example, which complements the disinfecting treatment of the skin.


By dissolving uric acid and other pathological calcifications, it "slims" the fluids of the body and helps the kidneys to better perform their functions decisively. It also facilitates the repair of fractures and helps bone growth, including in children.


Its high rate of organic sulfur explains its contact action against hyper-seborrhea, micro-fungi on the scalp and dandruff. Internally, it is used in infusion or decoction treatments of the fresh plant. It can also be rubbed in the morning on the scalp and at night, to strengthen health and stimulate hair growth.

Healing and medicinal properties of Nettle
Healing and medicinal properties of Nettle


Recent German and Japanese research has shown that its root is particularly effective against prostatitis. It even inhibits antibodies that inflame the prostate (PSA), reduces frequent urination and more, increases testosterone levels. On the contrary, chemotherapy and nettle are not combined.

Joint and bone pain

Studies also show that the application of nettle leaf topically at the site of pain decreases joint pain and can treat arthritis. Nettle can also provide relief when taken orally.

Lose Weight

Although no official studies have been done so far regarding the effect of nettle on weight loss, the herb with its cleansing properties can help shed pounds per pound, unwanted metabolic waste. The reduction of stored residues in muscle tissue and throughout the lymphatic system allows your body to function more productively.


There has been preliminary research regarding the use of nettle to treat type 2 diabetes, and a 2011 study it was found to be effective in decreasing interleukin 6 and high in C-reactive sensitive proteins in diabetic patients compared to a control group after eight weeks of treatment. Another study found that nettles had a significant effect on glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Other possible interactions

Help in problems such as:

  • The drop
  • Uremia
  • The promotion of breastfeeding
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Reduce bleeding connected to gingivitis
  • Treat kidney and urinary tract disorders
  • Provide water retention relief
  • Prevent or treat diarrhea
  • Decrease menstrual flow
  • Treat hemorrhoids
  • Stimulate contractions in pregnant women
  • The treatment of insect bites
  • Treat tendonitis

Some home remedies with Nettle

For heavy menses

Squeeze the juice from the fresh leaves of nettle and drink one or two cups a day, but if the situation does not improve, you should immediately consult the doctor.

For dandruff and hair loss

Wash the head with an infusion of 50 grams of nettle stem or 30 of its leaves in a liter of water. Let boil for 15 minutes. Rest and apply to the hair root.

For diabetes

Pour two teaspoons of leaves in a quarter of a liter of boiling water. Boil 5 minutes and drink one cup in the morning and another at night.


  • It is not recommended in early pregnancy due to its effects, but possibly some dose is recommended by the doctor before the birth and during the lactation.
  • Nettle is not recommended, at the same time with the treatment with immunosuppressant type antimitotic, and cortisone-interferon because it could inhibit the effects. There are very few cases of allergies and hypersensitivity.

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