The Persistence of Mary Kay Ash

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The Persistence of Mary Kay Ash( When I think of people who have faced problems and have come out triumphant, one of the first that comes to mind is Mary Kay Ash.

She has raised a tremendous organization. During the last four or five years, I have had many opportunities to talk about leadership to people in your cosmetics company. In fact, as I travel across the country giving lectures and conducting seminars, it seems that no matter where I speak, there are always at least a dozen Mary Kay consultants among the attendees.

I admire Mary Kay. She overcame a series of obstacles in her career and never let failures destroy the best of her. Mary Kay's first job was in direct sales where she achieved remarkable success. There he found that for a woman it was difficult to progress in the world of large corporations, especially in the fifties and early sixties, even after twenty-four years of success. She says:

I tried to become a member of the board of directors of the company, only to discover that even though our sales team was totally women, led by a board composed only of men, my opinion had no weight. They constantly told me: "Mary Kay, you are thinking like a woman again!" She felt the rejection in the worst of ways. So I decided to retire.

His retirement did not last long. Before a month passed, she became crazy. He decided to start his own company. If I was going to have to face obstacles, they would be there because they came with it. He thought of a cosmetics company because he would give every woman who worked there unlimited opportunities. He bought the formulas of the best products he could find in the market, developed a marketing plan and prepared to launch the corporation.

It was not long before he encountered the first obstacle. When he visited his lawyer to make legal arrangements for the corporation, he treated her harshly, predicting the worst of the failures. "Mary Kay," he said, "if you want to squander your life savings, why do not you go directly to the garbage can? It would be much easier than what you are thinking about doing ». His accountant spoke to him in similar terms.

Despite attempts to discourage her, she went ahead. He invested the five thousand dollars, his life savings, in his new business. Every penny he had he invested there. She put her husband in charge of the administration and she devoted herself entirely to preparing the products, designing the containers, writing the training material, and recruiting salespeople. They were making admirable progress. But then, a month before opening, her husband died of a heart attack.

Most people would never have been able to move on after that. They would have accepted defeat and left everything behind. But not Mary Kay. She kept moving forward and 13's September 1963 launched her business.

Today, the company has more than a billion sales per year, employs three thousand five hundred people and trains five hundred thousand representatives in twenty-nine markets throughout the world in the field of direct sales. Mary Kay has received almost all the trophies and awards that a businessman could dream of.

Despite the adverse circumstances, the obstacles and the misfortunes, she went ahead.

John C. Maxwell. Positive Side of Failure.

Then do not give up. You still have a way to go.

For the rest, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his strength. Ephesians 6: 10.

Have not I ordered it? Be strong and brave! Do not fear or be dismayed, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1: 9.

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