Jews and Christians gather to sing and pray for peace in Jerusalem

Hundreds of evangelical Christians from around the world gathered in the capital for a Day of Prayer.

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Jews and Christians gather to sing and pray for peace in Jerusalem
Jews and Christians gather to sing and pray for peace in Jerusalem

( Jews and Christians gather to sing and pray for peace in Jerusalem. With the explosion of shofars and Israeli flags waving wildly in the breeze, hundreds of evangelical Christians from over 30 countries gathered in Jerusalem on October 7 along with Jews and locals to sing, dance and pray for peace in the City Santa

From his position in an overlook of the Old City in the East Talpiot neighborhood of the capital, Eagles' Wings, a nonprofit organization based in New York, led the crowd and millions of people watching in hundreds of countries. through live broadcasts, in prayer as a cool breeze traveled the capital.

The event marked the annual Day of Prayer for Peace in Jerusalem, a celebration started by the Eagles' Wings evangelical co-chairs, Dr. Jack W. Hayford and Bishop Robert Stearns, at 2002, and celebrated worldwide in the first Sunday of October.

When the sun began to set, painting the hills of Judea a rich gold, the crowd, dotted with kipas users and many with crucifixes hanging from their necks, enjoyed speeches, passionate songs and choreographed dance routines focused on 51 years since the unity of Jerusalem and 70 years since the birth of the State of Israel.

The ceremony was part of a journey led by Eagles' Wings that aimed to reunite millennial evangelical pastors from around the world to see Israel, visit its sacred places and better understand the politics surrounding it. Many participants were visiting for the first time.

For Stearns, gaining support for Israel among this younger demographic is extremely important.

"The millennial generation has two main differences than the previous generation," Stears told the Jerusalem Post on the sidelines of the event. "In the first place, they are not so politically focused, and second, they are much more interested in social justice."

For these reasons, Stearns felt it was crucial for these young leaders to visit Israel and see the facts on the ground for themselves. And by knowing the reality of Israel, in turn, they can take the message to their communities.

"Meetings like this one are extremely important," Deputy Prime Minister Michael Oren, who spoke at the event, told The Post. "Obviously they have a spiritual importance, but they also have a diplomatic and strategic importance.

"It is important that we emphasize that those people who would deny the Jewish connection with Jerusalem, who would deny that there was a Temple on the Temple Mount, are also denying Christian history. If there was no temple, then Jesus had no place to teach and it did not happen.

"It is important that we unite with allies in the evangelical community, but not only in the evangelical community, who are willing to support us and protect our legacy, our inheritance and our faith because those are not abstractions, they go" Just directly towards our security " .

Several leaders of the Eagles' Wings delegation also had the unique opportunity to meet with the United States Ambassador, David Friedman, before the event, and thanked him for his continued and continued support.

The vice president and principal international spokesperson of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem, David Parsons, also highlighted the importance of this friendship between the communities.

"We live on an extraordinary day where, in the past, Christians were the worst enemy of the Jewish people and today they are their best friends," he told the Post, before heading to the stage to address the crowd. "This relationship is beautiful, historical, unprecedented, and we have to do everything possible to pursue it with genuine honesty and mutual frankness."

But Christian support for Israel is something that rabbis and shepherds appreciate. "Bishop Robert Stearns, through his Day of Prayer for the Wings of Eagles, has transmitted his passion for Israel to millions of evangelical Christians around the world," said Rabbi Marc Schneier, founder of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and the founding rabbi at Hampton. Synagogue in New York.

Rabbi Tuly Weisz, the director of Israel365, who promotes the biblical meaning and physical beauty of the Land of Israel, also sees this relationship as vitally important and historical. "It is the most important relationship that the Jewish people could have. It is the best opportunity we have had. And we are truly living in a time of unprecedented relations between Jews and Christians, of which this event is an example of ".

The rabbi expressed his appreciation for this relationship and for the Christian support not only at the spiritual level, but also for the political implications that this support has provided. "Christian political support is vital, as evidenced by the transfer of the United States embassy to Jerusalem, which is actually because the evangelical community insisted that President [Donald] Trump keep his promise," he said. "The Jewish people have always been so isolated and alone, and now we have tens of millions, hundreds of millions of Christians praying for peace in Jerusalem. It's a miracle."

Donna Jolay, the director of Christian relations in Israel365, shared the sentiment. "This is such an exciting time to be, after thousands of years, we have the opportunity to unite. And really, I see a lot of responsibility on the Christian side because we have behaved rather badly for a couple of thousand years towards the Jewish people.

"But we can see that things are changing, we have the meeting of the Jewish people, the return to the land, and the Christians are awakening and understanding and taking responsibility for our bad behavior and trying to compensate that too."

The relationship of Christians towards Israel "is the most important thing. I mean, the greatest movement of God on Earth is happening today in Israel and the Jewish people are kind enough to invite us and be part of this, which is really amazing considering our history. "


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