Two Best Friends

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Two Best Friends( There were once two best friends. They were inseparable, they were an only soul. For some reason their paths took two different courses and separated.


I never heard from my friend until yesterday, after 10 years, that I was walking down the street and found his mother. I greeted her and asked her about my friend. At that moment her eyes filled with tears and she looked me in the eyes saying: she died yesterday ... I did not know what to say, she kept looking at me and I asked how she had died.

She invited me to her house, when she got there she offered to sit me in the old room where I spent a lot of my life, my friend and I always played there. I sat down and she began to tell me the sad story. 2 years ago he was diagnosed with a rare disease, and his cure was to receive a blood transfusion every month for 3 months, but do you remember that his blood was very rare? Yes, I know, just like yours ...

We were looking for donors and finally we found a vagabond man.

Your friend, as you remember, was very stubborn, did not want to receive the blood of the tramp. He said that the only person who would receive blood would be you, but he did not want us to look for you, he said every night: do not look for him, I'm sure tomorrow will come ...

So the months went by, and every night he sat in that same chair where you are sitting and prayed that you would remember him and come the next morning. Thus ended his life and on the last night of his life, he was very bad, and smiling said to me: my mother, I know that soon my friend will come, ask him why he took so long and give him that note that is in my drawer.

The lady got up, came back and handed me the note that said:

My friend, I knew you would come, you took a little but it does not matter, the important thing is that you came. Now I'm waiting for you somewhere else, I hope you'll be late, but in the meantime I want to tell you that every night I prayed for you and from heaven I'll be taking care of my dear best friend.

Oh, by the way, do you remember why we distance ourselves? Yes, it was because I did not want to lend you my new ball, haha, what times ... we were unbearable, well I want to tell you that I give it to you and I hope you like it a lot. He loves you very much: your friend forever.

'Do not let your pride be more than your heart ...

Friendship is like the sea, you see the beginning but not the end '

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