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We are a Portal of Christian, Local and International Evangelical News in Spanish on evangelical Christian news. News about Christian Music, Churches, Ministries, Evangelists, Pastors, Ministers, Preachers, Apostacy and much more.

miComunidad.com does not write the news but we collect news from various Christian websites. As it says, instead of you visiting 10 to 12 different websites, we here provide you all the articles in a single website.

miComunidad.com is a digital means of Christian communication, which serves the Church by offering news of important events from a biblical perspective, whether good or bad, compiling and selecting the news in detail from hundreds of Christian websites, to inform our thousands of readers .

Our main objective is to provide our Christian community with an efficient and timely information service, in such a way that the people who visit myCommunity.com from different parts of the world, receive the news real and in a clear and neutral way, avoiding using words / technical terminology difficult to understand, in such a way that any reader, regardless of their social or academic status, has an easy understanding of the news.

The editor and collaborators of miComunidad.com profess the faith Evangelical Christian.

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